Nanochip Skin Permeation Enhancer Pro

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Nanochip Skin Permeation Enhancer (Pro)

Solve all your skin problem professionally with the revolutionary patended nanochip technology.

Compatible with 5 different serum, achieve medical grade beauty at the convenient of your own home.

Super hyaluronic acid serum - hydrates & plump, great for dehydrated skin

Tranexamic acid serum - fade spots, even skin tone & whitening

Peptides anti-aging serum - lifting & firming, reduce fine lines, bring back youthfulness to your face

Fibronectin repair serum - regenerate skin cells and repair skin barrier

Powerful hair plus serum - revitalize the scalp, helps with hair growth

Red & blue LED light - tightens the skin, reduce acne and calm inflammation

RF microcurrent - firming and lifting reduce fine lines and increase skin elasticity

  • Use moderate strength when initially positioning the tool and gradually find the pressure you are most comfortable with.
  • Before first use, perform a skin sensitivity test on the inside of your wrist and consult your skincare professional before use if you are unsure about your skin type.
  • Some people observe skin redness after using.
  • Do not use more than once a day. The suggested time to use the tool is once a week. It is best to use the tool just before bedtime to improve the absorption of the skin care products overnight.
  • Hold the applicator and push perpendicular to your skin, pressing with the tool. Do not slide on your face.
  • Warning! Avoid sharing the same disposable head between different people. It is designed for single use with the same individual only.