Water Spa Sleeping Mask 3 boxes Free Ukiwi Sleeping Mask 1 box

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Water Spa Sleeping Mask 3 boxes

5g x 7

Unique formula. Gently apply with water droplets, let the skin hydrate and form a film with yeast fermentation,honey, royal jelly. Let the skin enjoy full nutrition when sleeping peacefully, make the skin moist and soft. With nicotinamide added, alpha arbutin, leaves you radiant skin.

MOISTURIZING TECHNOLOGY: with moisturizing ingredients of thermal spring water and hyaluronic acid wrapped in the callus culture of eryngium maritimum, deeply penetrate into the skin, toned and soft.

Glacier water from Alpine, thermal spring from New Zealand, sea mud from Canada, yeast, arbutin, niacinamide, peptide, hyaluronic acid, honey, royal jelly.

Apply this in your last skincare routine every night. Take an adequate amount and place on the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead and jaw. Gently apply along the skin texture from the center of your face toward the sides. Go to sleep without washing your face. (Wash in the morning) Layer it 2-3 times for better soothing effect if the skin is particularly irritated and feels dry.